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  GreenArc 500  



GreenArc 500 Pre separator 

Reduces sludge bills and maintenence costs
 of 15ppm ows system onboard significantly 

A new innovative solution to clean oily bilge water onboard ships has been developed by our company. We call it the "GreenArc 500" Separator. The "GreenArc 500" separator consists of three main components, a patented surface skimming unit developed by our company, a peristaltic pump designed to meet all our requirements for a long lasting and maintenence free pump, and the separator tank made out of AISI 316L material to withstand all kinds of cleaning agents that are normally used in enginerooms.   

As a part of our development we have designed a new control panel so that our system can operate in a fully automatic sequence.
It can be connected to the excisting alarm system onboard,     






Press here to see a short video of separator in use